Pet Halloween Costume Ideas

Pet Halloween Costume Ideas

Traditionally, Halloween night has been an occasion for kids, and often for their parents as well, to dress up in fancy costumes and go trick or treating about the houses in the neighborhood. And nowadays, it appears that the family pet is not to be deprived of its share of the fun, and is also brought along to add to the familial spirit of the festival. From taking the dog or the cat along, it is but a simple step if you want to make the pet a full-fledged participant in the revelries: why not dress the pet up in a pet Halloween costume? The idea may appear to be a bit weird or even funny but consider: firstly, Halloween is the night that you are licensed to be weird; and secondly there are scores of festivals and competitions organized all over the USA at which people dress up their pets for fun and games. So then there’s no reason why your pet can’t put on a Halloween costume and join in the fun.

Pet Halloween costumes are in fact getting increasingly popular and are readily available at all the major pet stores and even departmental stores like Wal-mart and Target have separate sections for pet Halloween costumes. Since this is still a niche market, the costumes are somewhat expensive, but depending on the sum you wish to spend you can choose anything from simple dresses to those which are not a whit any less elaborate than the most complicated human Halloween custom. So you can dress up your cat, dog or pet iguana as a princess, a fairy, a devil, or for that matter even a cow. The choice is simply amazing. But when purchasing that costume, be sure to size it correctly. Since the pets are not generally used to wearing dresses, much less elaborate ones, a costume which is a bit too large can cause the pet to trip up, or it may even manage to wriggle out of it.

In consideration of this last problem, it may not only be simpler but also more effective to make your own pet Halloween costume. You are likely to find all the items you require already in your house. A simple pet Halloween costume need be nothing more than a hat! So for that perfect Halloween dress for your pet, get yourself an old hat and attach a Velcro strip, two pieces of string or even a belt, whatever is handy, to act as a fastener. But before the actual show time, it might be a good idea to get the pet accustomed to wear the hat. Provided it has had some practice, the pet shouldn’t try to get it off, and all would be well. You could also try and add some accessories to the plain hat, such as a pair of sunglasses or a bandanna. The super-pet is sure to impress the neighbors and get a little extra candy on the night.

You could also try some more elaborate Halloween costumes for your pet. So for instance, you could coordinate the costume for the pet with the ones that your children are wearing: if your child is in a puppy costume, how about having your dog dress up as a mommy, nurse or a nanny. Or if the dog is rather small, you could dress it up as a baby in swaddling clothes and make your child play the role of the nurse with a pram. The range of things you could do to make your pet a part of your Halloween festivities are boundless: by your effort, imagination and creativity you are sure to come up with a great Halloween costume for your pet.

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