How to Potty Train Your Little Dachshund

How to Potty Train Your Little Dachshund

Training your dachshund is going to be quit longer then you might have expected. If this is your first dog, be prepared for some regular disturbance for a few weeks at least. If you have had dogs before, but never a dachshund, this might be a bit confusing for you. A dachshund is an intelligent dog. He doesn’t adapt to what is taught to him/her easily. He/she tries to follow an independent behavior to play in the house. Training him/her to do the most basic tasks like not pooping in the house is going need persistent behavior.

Many dachshund masters have suggested crate training for these dogs. Some of them have even given a feedback that this training method that changed their dachshund into a well behaving dog. We will read more about crate training method here.

To start potty training your little puppy, start with find a particular place for them to sleep. They won’t comfortable with their own little initially. Lock the puppy in his sleeping place for a while. Put a litter box for him around his bed. He will start using it before resting on his bed. Do not lock for more than an hour or two. This will get him used to sit in the dirt adopting it as a regular task.

Start developing a regular routine for his meals. Miniature dachshund small quantity of meals more than two times a day. If you are working full time, try to manage it with your work or take some help from someone help. After a little while of having his/her meal, your puppy will be ready to be taken to his/her litter box.

You can also start training him for outside rather than bring a dog litter box inside. Take him for a walk after 15-20 minutes after he/his had his food. After walking for while, he will relieve himself outside the house. This will be much easier for you. It will also bring an active schedule for him.

Start learning his signals. If he starts doing it accidentally in the home, stop him and take him outside. Do not forget to praise him when he completes this task successfully. It will encourage the puppy to follow the same next time.

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