How to Make Your Own Organic Dog Food

How to Make Your Own Organic Dog Food

With the string of pet food recalls in recent years and the high prices of most name brand foods, many pet owners are turning to homemade organic dog food as a safe, affordable choice. Learning how to make your own pet food is easier than you might think. Here 4 are tips to get you started.

Know What Your Dog Needs

The first step in making your own organic dog food is to understand exactly what your pet’s body needs. The nutritional requirements for a cat are much different than a dog’s nutritional needs, and their diets should reflect that. Your veterinarian can help you find balanced recipes for your dog, as well as recommend the proper nutritional supplements for the animal. There are also many books on dog diet requirements that will give all the proper info you need. It’s important to consult your vet before making any drastic changes to your animal’s diet, and regular check-ups can ensure your pet continues to get the nutrients it needs.

Resist the Urge to be Creative With a Recipe

Once you and your vet have agreed on balanced recipes for your pet, it’s important to follow the recipes exactly. Resist the urge to “tweak” a recipe by omitting ingredients. You can substitute certain ingredients like proteins and vegetables as long as they contain the proper nutrition to balance your dog diet. A balanced recipe is essential for your pet’s health, and it’s easy for your dog to develop nutritional deficiencies without a properly balanced diet.

Use Fresh, Wholesome Ingredients

Fresh, whole foods have the highest nutritional content. The more your organic dog food ingredients have been processed, the greater the likelihood that essential vitamins and nutrients are being lost. If vegetables must be cooked for your pet, steam them as little as possible. Meats should be properly cooked and handled to avoid contaminating your pet’s food. Consult your vet about any foods your pet shouldn’t have. Onions, grapes and chocolate are high on this list for dogs.

Store and Serve Organic Dog Food Properly

Ideally, you want to serve your pet’s food as soon as it’s made, but this can be difficult with today’s hectic schedules. Most homemade pet food recipes can be made in bulk and refrigerated or frozen for later use. Use tightly sealed containers for individual servings, and label them with the type of food and the date it was prepared. Refrigerated foods will usually last a couple of days, and frozen servings should be used within a couple of weeks. You should be aware that some nutrients could be lost by freezing the food, and any nutritional supplements should be added in right before serving. Any food that is not immediately eaten should be removed and thrown away after about 30 minutes, especially if it contains meat products.

By following these 4 tips and the recommendations of your veterinarian you can ensure that your pet is getting everything it needs to live a healthy, happy life. When you learn how to make homemade organic dog food, you can save money and still provide the best possible nutrition for your pet.

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