Dog Grooming and Bonding at Home

Dog Grooming and Bonding at Home

Dog grooming at home can be an enjoyable and bonding moment for you and your dog. While having fun with dog grooming at home, always keep in mind that your dog cannot cry or talk to you. You have to keep certain things in mind while dog grooming.

Dog grooming is important because as a pet owner, you must be able to recognize any spots or other skin problems. Besides that, if your dog spends most of its time inside, dog grooming can make your pet smell better and feel softer too.

Bathing a large dog does not have to be difficult. If the animal is able to climb into the bathtub, then this would be the ideal place to bathe them. If not, then take the dog outside and use the hose. To be sure that the animal does not suffer too much, make sure that: 1) it is a warm enough day (78-95 degrees); 2) your pet does not suffer from painful joints; 3) and be sure to talk to them the entire bath-time.

Lather and Rinse

First, wet your pet gently but aptly, then pick a section, and lather them up. Next you will want to rinse this section, and then begin another section. Be sure to re-moisten each section as you go. Repeat with each section, until you get to the face.

Washing the Face

When you wash your pet’s face, be sure to take great care around the eyes. There are numerous products that are either safe for the eyes, or at least less harmful than others. These products will suggest full caution with the eyes because your pet cannot cry or ask you to be more careful. Work your way from the top of their head to the neck.

Washing the Ears

Another area of caution when dog grooming at home should be the ears. If water does get into the ears, make sure to allow your pet to ‘shake’ it out. Then, following the bath, make sure to investigate their ears for any more water. If water is present, use a cotton swab to remove excess water. To remove the water safely, hold your pet’s head, and place the swab into their ear, but not past the canal.


Now comes the funnest (and funniest) part about dog grooming at home. Use two or three beach towels to dry your pet. If your pet likes the hair dryer, use the cool to warm settings only. Remember, your pet cannot say “it’s too hot.” The next step is to investigate their skin for problems. If there are any skin problems, see your vet.

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