Dog Clothes-Let Dogs Be Dogs

Dog Clothes-Let Dogs Be Dogs

Many dog owners love to dress up their little pooches in small dog clothes, and we’re no exception. Our Chihuahuas, Sox and Bruiser, have just as many small dog clothes and small dog sweaters as any other pampered pup. Dressing up little dogs can have a very important function, especially in the harsh cold of winter. Dog booties can protect paws from rock salt and collections of ice in between toes. Small dog sweaters and dog coats protect thin coated breeds form losing too much heat to the freezing wind and ward off frost bite. They also help small dogs in warmer climates that stay inside very air conditioned houses. Having the right small dog clothes is an important step in keeping your little one safe and warm through winter.

Even with the functions small dog clothing serves, there is a point where dressing up your dogs can go too far. Putting a dog costume on them one night for a Halloween or Christmas party is fine, but putting dog clothes and booties on them everyday can be detrimental. When the weather isn’t cold, dog clothes can lead to overheating, and the excessive bootie wear can soften the natural calluses on a dog’s paws. Softened paws become sore easily and are
more susceptible to damage.

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