Dachshund Puppy Care Tips

Dachshund Puppy Care Tips

Let’s take a look at Dachshund Puppy Care. As Reputable Dachshund Breeders, our main goal is to provide you enough information to form a healthy, long term relationship with your new family member. Dachshund Puppy Care Tips are a major need-to-know for new puppy owners. For starters, the first few days are crucial to your bond with your new dachshund puppy. I know you are excited, but we ask that you use a little. no, a lot of patience and give your new puppy plenty of time to make the adjustment! Don’t forget that we are only a phone call or an e-mail away. We’ve had years of experience in helping our customers through those first few days with their new dachshund puppy. We are educated dachshund breeders and owners that are always happy to answer questions! Sometimes it’s nice to have a calm voice to walk you through a new adventure. This is one of the greatest benefits of choosing a reputable breeder to buy your dachshund puppy from. Sometimes, even a few tips on puppy baths are nice to know. Here are a few dachshund puppy care tips that may help you prepare for your new puppy!

Feeding Your Dachshund Puppy

There is nothing more important than making sure your puppy eats right in the first few days at his new home. Your puppy will come with a free sample of puppy food. Please use this and only this for the first couple days. It’s familiar to them and they have been eating it for quite a while. There is no need to wet the food. If you choose to feed a different brand, gradually mix it in with the provided food until the puppy adjusts. Don’t be too shocked if he gets a little diarrhea from the adjustment. Plain yogurt (never sugar free) is a great way to help straighten that out. Just add a couple teaspoons to his food for a few days. Just like people, some dogs have a more sensitive digestive tract than others. The main thing to remember is that your puppy will need to eat every 4-6 hours at first.
Dachshund Puppies do not like to eat alone! They are a pack animal by nature and have had their meals with siblings up until this point. If you make the mistake of setting his food and water in the other room. he may not feel comfortable going in there. Please hang out with him until he gets used to his new house and his new people. Also, keep in mind that if you already have pets in the house they may need a little time to get to know the puppy before they feel comfortable enough to allow him to eat near them. The puppy needs his own place to eat and sleep at first.

How To Protect Your New Dachshund Puppy
I know how excited you are about getting a new puppy, but try to keep things calm and low key during those first few days. You may want to fight the urge to show him off to everyone you know on his first days home. The best advice we can give you is to keep your puppy to yourselves at first. It gives you time to form a strong bond with your new puppy and gives him time to learn his new surroundings. This is a very exciting time in his young life.
Until he finishes his vaccinations you definitely want to avoid places like the dog park, a pet store, etc. where there are a lot of other animals. He is more vulnerable to “puppy hood” diseases until he finishes his puppy shots! There are four shots in the series of puppy vaccinations. One of the most important parts of our dachshund puppy care system, are proper vaccinations. If you buy your puppy here at Ponderosa Pups he will always have had his first two sets before he leaves our home. Sometimes even more depending on the age of the puppy at the time. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you know all of the details on your new puppy before you leave.

Sleeping at Night with a New Puppy in the House

Up until this point, your puppy has lived in a very sheltered and loving home environment. Our puppies are used to having brothers and sisters to cuddle with at night. Don’t be surprised if he whines a little for the first few nights. Just be patient and give him a little attention. Puppies are a lot like human babies, they cry when they need attention, a bite to eat, a little something to drink. or to go potty. He’ll get the hang of it soon enough. Dogs are very adaptable and responsive to being on a schedule. Try to put him to bed around the same time every night. And, up around the same time every morning. This will help a lot with potty training, too. Around here we go to bed around 11 and are up around 6. Don’t be surprised if the puppy needs a little time to adjust to his new bedtime and waking time.

Dachshund Puppies are very inquisitive! Naturally, they will explore their new environment. Please have a look around before you bring the puppy home and put up anything that may harm him. Keep a constant eye on your new puppy when he is out playing in the house.

What to do with the New Puppy Monday Morning?
The first day back to work after you get your new dachshund puppy can be pretty stressful. Don’t worry, he’s going to be okay! Just keep these tips in mind. The puppy can not be put in his crate 10 hours straight without food or water! You can worry about crate training later. While the puppy is very young you just have to follow different rules. If you have someone close by that can look in on your new puppy during the day, that would be great. Either way you’ll want to set the puppy up in a secure place like the bathroom or a laundry room with full access to food and water. Just pick up anything he might get into while you are gone. It’s basically child proofing your home. No cords to chew on, no people things to tear up! You will probably want to leave his crate with the door open. Put a blanket in there to teach him that this is where he should sleep. A potty pad is a great way to try to teach him to potty in a specific spot. As he gets older and more able to hold it, you can start keeping him in his crate during the day while you are gone. For now, you just need to baby him a little.

Your new dachshund puppy is going to require a lot of sleep. Not unlike human babies, they take a lot of power naps during the day. As soon as they wake up they will need to go potty!!

Teaching your pets to Accept the New Puppy

Whether you have a cat or a dog at home, please keep in mind that your existing pet may need a little time to adjust to having a new puppy, too. While most pets quickly adapt to having a new puppy in the house, others may take a couple days to make the adjustment. Should you have trouble, just have a little patience! It is well worth the time invested! Your existing pet and your new puppy are going to be best friends in the end! We have found that slowly introducing the puppy to the pet is always best. I would never recommend just taking the puppy home and placing him on the floor to make acquaintances with your pet on his own. An older dog or cat may hurt the puppy if introduced too quickly. Try holding the puppy’s tail toward the pet to let them have a smell of the puppy. Dogs really don’t introduce themselves to one another by sniffing noses. No matter how embarrassed you may be about “butt sniffing”. it’s the language of animals. Don’t push your pet. Let him warm up to the puppy in his own time. Spend a little “alone time” with your pet, too. To reassure him that he has not been replaced. Don’t worry about the puppy, Dachshunds are pack animals and love to have other pets in the house. The best thing about bringing a second dachshund in the house is that the first dachshund will teach the puppy everything he needs to know. Again, they’re pack animals and the puppy will immediately look to the older dog for lessons on his new surroundings and his new family, too. Don’t panic if your dog growls at the puppy every once in a while. It’s part of teaching the puppy who’s boss. A They’re just setting the ground rules. In our experience, most pets lead much happier and fuller lives when they have another pet around the house to spend time with.

Teaching the Puppy to do New Things

Teaching the puppy to do new things can both be the funniest thing you ever saw. and the most stressful thing you ever tried. Wearing clothes, using a leash, sit, stay, etc. Again. a little patience goes a long way. The best advice I can give on this subject is to try a little at a time. Puppies will generally accept things better if introduced to them a little every day. (Versus, for hours on end until he finally gets it right.) It’s no secret that doxies can be a little stubborn. The trick is to be more stubborn than them! Use a lot of verbal encouragement and praise. Doxies are generally emotional little dogs and once they figure out that they can make you happy by performing this latest command, they’ll learn quickly. Don’t forget that no dog alive will love you more than your dachshund!

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