Clothes For Dogs – What Kind of Clothes?

Clothes For Dogs – What Kind of Clothes?

In 2005 a research team including members of the famous MIT and Harvard universities completed the genome sequence of the domestic dog. They did not research Clothes For Dogs, but hopefully smart designers did.

You won’t run out of options when it comes to handy or necessary items. Many are tailored with effectiveness in mind by talented and dog-friendly humans that understand function and usability from a dog perspective.

For example especially for heavy and/or powerful but nonetheless nice dogs, you will find collars that will hold and control without actually hurting them.

For smaller animals, once you realize maintaining their body temperature in cold weather is hard, you will consider their comfort. Since dogs seldom express pain (except when they can relate it to something that just happened), they will suffer – silently – to stay by your side. But they certainly will appreciate the protection of a handy hood against cold early mornings. They will feel happy in their useful raincoats or their warm winter coats.

In particular when they have to stand against blended unfriendly conditions: wind plus rain plus coldness plus snow. I know for a fact my friend’s chihuahua refuses to go out in winter unless it has its boots on.

My mother used to consider the practical side when it came to buy clothes for me, and the fashion side when it was for her (mom, revenge is a cold dish). So if you are not like my mother, you will have dog fashion and fun at heart when it comes to Clothes For Dogs also.

Dressing your beloved dog is actually fun with … fun clothes (pajamas, fourth of July costumes, hats, sun visors, message t.shirts …). It makes both of you feel happy and special. You will also find polos, jackets, vinyl coats, evening dresses, jewels, including those with high fashion signatures. Very much like for us human owners, prices will range from cheap to ‘high fashion’.

And if you are like my mother, (mom, I love you) that was very good with her sewing machine, you can recycle human clothes and design great Clothes For Dogs with the numerous pattern examples and books available.

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